Parents pack to hear concerns and facts about P.A.C.T.

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Hundreds of parents worried about the future of the Alabama Prepaid College Tuition program or P.A.C.T. came together to voice their concerns.

The program is designed to help families pay for college, but due to financial problems, it may not be able to reimburse participants.

Members of the group, "Save Alabama P.A.C.T.," hosted a meeting at Dawson Baptist Church in Homewood to reach out to concerned parents. People heard from legislators and had the chance to ask questions.

"We think PACT holders need to be involved and updated on the status of P.A.C.T. since we learned from the P.A.C.T. board in February there are problems with the fund," said Karen Gandy, the Birmingham division leader of Save Alabama P.A.C.T..

Legislators in attendance agreed, and said they are working to find a way to solve the problem.

"It's a complicated issue because of the amount of money needed," said Rep. Paul DeMarco. "That is why we need to look at all of the studies done, hear from P.A.C.T. board, and bring people together to resolve this."

Parents say they are still concerned, but are trying to stay optimistic.

"I think there is a solution," said Gandy, "I think it will take us as a group working with legislators trying to come to a resolution."

Save Alabama Pact has chapters around the state, and representatives say they will continue to host meetings to keep parents informed.