Andy Andrews in car crash

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Author and Birmingham native Andy Andrews was hurt in a car crash last week in Los Angeles.

Andrews revealed information about the crash on his Twitter account Wednesday night, saying a Suburban hit his rental car last week during a visit to Los Angeles.

Andrews said the vehicle, going 50 mph, crossed into his lane and hit the car he was riding in.  He said there were no brake tracks from the SUV.

Andrews said rescue workers had to use the "jaw of life" to remove him and his publicist, Robert Smith, from the rental car. Andrews was taken to the hospital for treatment to injuries to his ribs, right arm, shoulders, hips and "where my head hit his (Smith's) face and jaw."

Andrews said he was now back at home in Orange Beach, Ala., recovering.  He said the pain was almost gone, was feeling better, and hoped to be writing again soon.

Andrews grew up in Birmingham and graduated from Berry High School in 1977.  Andrews began his career as a comedian before touring the country as an inspirational corporate speaker.  Earlier this year his book on success, The Traveler's Gift, was released.