More students out sick at Oak Mountain Middle School

OAK MOUNTAIN, AL (WBRC) - On Tuesday, 289 students at Oak Mountain Middle School were out sick.  By noon Wednesday, that number had reached 340 and was continuing to climb as more students checked out of school.  That included 7th grader Joshua Edmonson who complained of a headache and fever. "At first, when I heard about swine flu and all the sicknesses, I was like, 'I hope I don't get it.', the 12 year old said.  "But now I think I might be getting it."

Shelby County school officials say they've gotten 40 confirmed cases of the flu at the school.  The remaining cases were due to an assortment of other illnesses. "We're trying to figure out where the common thread is and why it is so rampant at this school because it's not this bad at other schools district wide," said Shelby County School spokesperson Cindy Warner.  She said teachers and staff members had been reinforcing hand washing and hand sanitizing efforts.  Tuesday  night, the school fogged the building, hoping to keep the germs at bay.

Some parents have wondered if the school will eventually shut it's doors.  But Warner says they are following the CDC's recommendations to keep the  doors open. "I can't say that it wouldn't be that as we continue to monitor it, and it got really, really, really bad that we'd wouldn't consider it," Warner said.  "But at this point we're not considering it."