Police arrest two suspected arsonists

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Fairfield Police have arrested two arson suspects in connection with a house fire.

Eighteen-year old Travis Speed has been charged with arson, burglary and robbery. A juvenile has also been arrested.

Police say they burglarized, and then set fire to a home at the corner of 3rd Street and Lloyd Noland Parkway.

The homeowners, David and Mandy Deter, were on vacation at the time. They say the news is still hard to process.

"I think for me, the loss, and now that we are two weeks out, the things are great loss, but it is a loss of lifestyle for us," said Mandy Deter.

Fairfield police say they believe two young men targeted the Deter's home because they believed they had a lot of money, but the Deters were not the victims of a hate crime.

"Fairfield is a place for all citizens black or white," said Police Chief Pat Mardis, "I want to send message if you are black, white or hispanic, we will investigate every crime in Fairfield to bring resolution to it."

Chief Mardis says the suspects are cooperating with officers, and he hopes these arrests will help police crack down on crime in the neighborhood.

"Police have responded to numerous calls in this neighborhood of suspected gang activity," said Mardis, "We've made arrests on weapons calls, drug calls, and we have identified a lot of key players responsible for crime in this neighborhood."

Chief Mardis says a tip lead to the arrest of the two suspects and he thinks there could be more arrests and more property recovered in the near future.