Jefferson County Commission demands answers

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Several Jefferson County Commissioners are demanding that county attorneys do what it takes to get workers back on the job.

Commissioner William Bell spoke at Tuesday's commisison asking that the county seek a bridge loan that would allow them to bring back workers who had been placed on unpaid leave.

Commissioner Smoot also spoke up criticizing the county workers. Smoot said that the attorney's hadn't done enough when it came to working on a way to get people back to work.

Commission president Bettye Fine Collins said nothing can be done until the county is given permission to touch about $17 million that is currently in escrow.

The new occupational tax that was passed by the legislature and signed by the governor would not go into effect until January first.

Commissioner William Bell also said it doesn't appear as if the workers on unpaid leave  will be able to come back to work on September 14th as once promised.