Attorneys want to take Scrushy assets by force if necessary

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Friday, plaintiffs' attorneys in the Richard Scrushy civil trial filed a motion, asking the courts to allow the Tallapoosa County Sheriff to enter Scurshy's Lake Martin home, if necessary, by force, to seize items inside. Those items include several boats, a plane, two high end pieces of artwork and more.

The motion also asks that the Jefferson County Sheriff be allowed to enter Scrushy's Vestavia HIlls home, which is surrounded by a gate. Ralph Cook, an attorney for the plaintiffs, says when deputies tried to enter the Vestavia location, they found the gate locked. So, Cook said, the motion was filed. "This is not unusual. Sometimes you have to go back to the court and ask for assistance and once you get an order, they must comply," said Cook.

Cook says items inside the Vestavia home have been catalogued. They include expensive cars, furniture and art work, including a Picasso painting. Cook says it could take a few weeks before the courts render a ruling, but he believes it will be in the plaintiffs' favor.

Any of the items seized will be sold on the courthouse steps and go towards paying off Scrushy's $2.8 billion dollar judgement. As of Friday night, Scrushy's attorneys were not available for comment.