More than $800,00 collected from bingo machines

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - More than $800 thousand dollars has been collected from electronic bingo machines confiscated from a Roebuck VFW. 1,000 machines were seized on Monday.

In Hoover Friday, Governor Bob Riley inspected the machines. "We are going to continue to bring cases with the help of all the state's assets, because ultimately what is happening is against the law" the Governor said.

Riley congratulated Jefferson County District Attorney Brandon Falls on his efforts to crack down on electronic gaming machines. Falls says the machines are illegal and he believes addictive.

Jim Stevens, the Bessemer attorney who represents the VFW post says the machines are not illegal. "It can't be a slot machine. It's impossible to be a slot machine," said Stevens. "You say Jim how can you say that? We will prove that in a court of law."

Stevens has sent Falls a list of 30 bingo operations in the county.""If you don't close these places I'm going to open up again. Either we all are open or we all be closed," said Stevens. "That includes Milton McGregor and Greentrack."