Alabaster seeing growth in restaurant scene

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - While many businesses may be forced to shut down in this shaky economy, others are opening in Alabaster.

The city continues to thrive, allowing folks to spend money where they live.

Mayor David Frings says city officials aggressively work to recruit new businesses and they continue to be interested in Alabaster, specifically restaurants.

Guthrie's just opened on Highway 31, and Jack's will open August 26th on Highway 31 as well.

Sonic's is coming to Alabaster and Panera Bread is opening in the Colonial Promenade South.

Although there's new development, Mayor Frings says there are still challenges.

"I think during this economic period you are not going to see in most areas a lot large retailers and boxes going up for a couple of years", said Mayor Frings. "But I think there is potential to continue to recruit small to medium six businesses."

The mayor says with new businesses comes the much needed additional revenue, and he says it gives people more options.