Scrushy's lake house Assets

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Plaintiff's attorneys in the Richard Scrushy civil trial released photos of items in Scrushy's Lake Martin home.  Those items have been catalogued and will be seized, then auctioned off by the Talapoosa County Sheriff.

The items include everything from a Scrushy's Top Gun Limited Edition Fiberglass boat,  to a prop plane, to a Les Paul guitar and a couple of Nall Photos priced at tens of thousands of dollars.  There's also a Michael Taylor designer table of which a similar one was priced at 10-thousand dollars.  And there's a massage table, said to be found in Scrushy's third floor spa room.

Inventory List 2

Lead plaintiff's attorney John Haley says Scrushy also has a Rolls Royce, Bentley, corvettes and a mini cooper they hope to recover.  He's not sure of the total value of the items found in the Lake Martin home.  "It's nowhere close to the three billion dollar judgement we won," says Haley, "But we hope to recover a substantial amount."   Haley says he is confident that plaintiffs receive something from what's recovered but he couldn't say how much.

FOX6 tried to contact several of Scruchy's attorneys, including six new ones he just notified the court of Thursday.  The attorneys were either unavailable or declined to comment.

John Haley says once all of Scrushy's assets are seized, they will then be sold by the sheriff on the front steps of the Tallapoosa  Courthouse.