Missing person campaign stops in Pelham

PELHAM, AL (WBRC) - The national "On The Road to Remember" tour made a stop in Pelham, Alabama Wednesday,   The traveling tour is sponsored by the Cue Center for Missing Persons out of New York.

Center director Monica Caison calls it a huge awareness campaign.  The goal: to let family members who are missing or have cold cases know they haven't been forgotten.

A couple dozen folks attended Tuesday's rally, including Nancy Kersh.  Her 23-year old daughter, Nadia, was last seen nine months ago leaving a Homewood Grocery store.   Kersh says events like the tour help to bring comfort and know someone still cares.

The event was held at Oak Mountain State Park.  Organizers set up close to 100 fliers near the park's lake...showing pictures of nearly 100 Alabamians who are missing.  CaIson says besides showing support, the tour also hopes to encourage community members who may have answers to the cases to come forward.   "I believe in every community there lies information on a missing person," Caison said, "and sometimes, it's about touching that person at the right time so that information can come forward."

Besides Pelham, the tour also made stops in Montgomery and Mobile.  It will also hold rallies in Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Mississippi.