Bingo halls heighten security amidst recent crime

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Bingo halls are now beefing up security

There have been four bingo hall robberies this month. Three were in Jefferson County and the other in Walker County.

The American Legion Bingo Hall on Pinson Valley Parkway was robbed at gunpoint Tuesday night.

Off camera, the owners tell FOX6 they've hired a new security firm that will have armed security guards.

Charity Bingo on Huffman Road is another facility that was robbed this month.

Their owners have updated its security system. The doors are now locked at all times, and they can only be opened by remote.

Patrons must press a button on the door for exit.

Lt. Randy Christian with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says criminals are getting word of a new way to score big.

"Many times in places like that, employees are telling their friends, maybe not on purpose, how things operate, how much money is there," said lt. Christian. "They need to take a look at that and caution employees about information they give out."

Christian says we will continue to see more and more charity bingo halls beefing up their security plans.

He says hopefully that will deter these armed robberies.