Mayor Langford addresses latest rumors

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford says media reports about his health and status as mayor are out of control, and at Tuesday's council meeting, in front of a packed audience and all city leaders, Langford had this to say.

"Someone called and wanted to know If I would either confirm or deny I had cancer," the Mayor said.  "But first of all if I did it ain't your damn business....What is wrong with you people? I don't get it. I don't get the stupidity of some of you folks."

Langford fired off at reports after surgery last Friday.  The mayor is asking everyone to stop spreading rumors.  "If I'm dying it ain't your business so please don't sell popcorn and cheer..but it's a little tacky when you do those things.  I have a family, you don't put out those kinds of rumors on people."

Langford says late Tuesday night, he got a call at home alleging he was resigning from his position as mayor.  "I came to hear the resignation so would somebody please go get the mayor for me and get him to come in and do whatever this rumor was put out."  The mayor adding he felt compelled to address lies and rumors.  "The mayor is not coming out to resign because last time I checked, I'm still here."