Over 30 arrested in Alabaster drug bust

ALABASTER, AL (WBRC) - Shelby County's Drug Task Force is wrapping up a major drug bust in Alabaster. Investigators arrested 33 people on 83 warrants since Friday in an operation aimed mainly at the street-level dealers.

The task force began working the area's of 11th Ave. SE and 7th Ave. SE 3 months ago after a flood of calls from neighbors who were seeing pot and crack cocaine dealt on their streets.

"It seems like these areas, because of the ease of traffic that goes through, they've got 2 ways in and out, and 1 of the areas we focused on is because it's so remote it's not gonna be in the view of the public," said Lt. Cody Sumners of the Shelby Co. Drug Task Force.

The task force says the area's location near I-65 and Highway 31 made it attractive to buyers and sellers, and Shelby County's exploding population is only fueling the drug traffic.

"Anytime you have an increase in population you're gonna have an increase in crime," Sumners said.

"Just more people, you have more problems," said lifelong Alabster resident Robert Haynes. "That's the way it goes. you have more traffic, more people, look at the traffic. More people, more problems."

"I think they done a good job," Alabaster resident Sam Harrington said. "I think they probably need to be out here in force more often where people can see them, not maybe just the task force but police themselves. Because when they're in the area, that deters people from being on the street where kids play."

Investigators say they are hoping to get enough information from the suspects rounded up in this bust to try and move farther up the drug supply chain and go after some of the suppliers. The task force is still trying to serve warrants on a handful of additional suspects.