Occupational tax fight goes before AL Supreme Court

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - The fight over Jefferson County's occupational tax will resume Tuesday afternoon before the Alabama Supreme Court. Jim McFerrin, one of the two attorneys who filed suit that lead to the county job tax being struck down believes the high court will uphold the ruling."Extremely confident. If the court rules on the tax it's a no brainer. Taxpayers win. If the court plays politics, not so much." says McFerrin.

If the Alabama Supreme Court agrees with the earlier ruling, McFerrin says Jefferson County taxpayers would be entitled to a refund."The taxpayers would get 30 million dollars. Right now I think 30 million dollars is what taxpayers would like to have in their pocket." says McFerrin.

On Friday, Alabama lawmakers okayed a job tax and Governor Bob Riley signed into law. There is a clause to make it retroactive. Supporters believe this should stop any refund. McFerrin disagrees.

Birmingham Representative John Rogers has no doubts the new law will survive any new court challenge.""Lawyers litigate, (let) them go. The bill is constitutionally sound." says Rogers.

McFerrin believes the new bill will face a number of legal challenges. Rogers says a number of lawyers reviewed the final bill before passage. Rogers does not what another court fight to delay ending the long lines at the courthouses and putting more than a thousand county workers back on the job."They are getting paid. Every lawyer telling you this is out to get a dollar. I can tell you right now, don't make a dollar on these working class people." says Rogers.