Fairfield mayor files lawsuit against city council

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County Circuit Judge Dan King accused some Fairfield City Council members of lying on the stand and threatened to put them in jail for violating his court order not to fire city workers."These two that they fired in violation of the court order we suspect that was the tip of the iceberg of what they want to do. They want to politicize the system." said King.

"That's not designed to do that. That is not good for the citizens of Fairfield."says Calvin Biggers, attorney for Fairfield Mayor Kenneth Coachman.

Mayor Coachman filed a lawsuit after five members of the city council voted to fire to workers in violation of King's order back in July."I do not wish to be in court but this is something that is necessary. That the judge's order be heard."says Coachman.

There was little comment from the council's attorney John Terry. "It would be unfortunate to talk about it. It's unfortunate. It's not a good time to talk."says Terry.

After lunch, a deal was announced. The city council would resend its ordinance , giving them hiring and firing authority at Monday's council meeting. "They have agreed to not to interfere with that. Anything they have done by July first or ninth. They resend tonight. That is a fair resolution." says Biggers.