Mayor Langford co-defendant, Blount to plead Tuesday

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Another man charged in the federal conspiracy case with Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford will plead guilty in federal court Tuesday.

According to court documents, Montgomery investment banker, Bill Blount, of will enter his guilty plea.

Federal prosecutors allege Blount sent Langford money and gifts in exchange for county work when Langford was on the Jefferson County Commission.

Blount, Langford, and lobbyist Al LaPierre were all charged in a 101 count indictment.

Many Birmingham residents think this development could spell trouble for Mayor Langford.

"I would say there tough times ahead for him regardless of the outcome of the trial," said John Ruby.

The Dean of Samford's Cumberland School of Law, John Carroll, said the case just got more complicated.

"I don't think it alters your approach at all," said Carroll, "Which means everybody is not telling the truth, and you'll give the jury reasons they aren't telling the truth. Your approach is the same, but it's more difficult."

Mayor Langford's attorney Mike Rasmussen issued this statement: "Larry Langford maintains he's not guilty. He intends on going to trial and expects to get acquitted."

Many Birmingham residents say they worry how the situation will affect the city's image.

"It makes us look very bad," said Ben Bailey, "Every time we get somebody new in Birmingham they end up messing up, we need someone who won't mess up."

Mayor Langford's trial is scheduled to start on August 31st.