Editorial: SEC sports rights responses

The following remarks are replies to an editorial from WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, first aired on Thursday, August 13, 2009.

Jeremy wrote

I seen your report on what ESPN is doing and I've heard it on the radio. I feel the SEC has sold there soul with this deal with ESPN. I told everyone who would listen this would turn bad. I do not agree with that ESPN is doing in fact i have no problem not watching ESPN and just listening to the Bama and the Auburn games on the radio.

Rick from Hanceville

Dear Lou, I have been an Alabama fan since my Dad told me I was 53yrs. ago. I have watched the changes in how games have been televised over the years. I was glad when they started allowing more games shown each year. I hate pay per view games. I miss the games on local tv channels. Not everyone has the money or time off from work to go to games. Not everyone likes being in the middle of loud, drunk fans or fighting traffic just to see a game. With the economy like it is I'm sure there will be less tickets used or pay for views watched on cable or dish. I think that they have gone to far merchandising our state schools so much that most can't afford to enjoy the game the way we use to. I use to like to hear college baseball on the radio while working but that seems to have vanished also.
Everything that has some value to the people of this nation has been sold off for a profit it seems. What a shame when we no longer produce products of substance anymore! We have sank to selling any and everything we can for a buck and greed I'm sure will cheapen all we have come to love in this land we call home!