Peach charlotte

Chef Franklin Biggs' Peach Charlotte

3 packs Lady Fingers (found in frozen section of grocery store)

2 pts whipped cream flavored with sugar, vanilla (pound cake can be used for the bottom and middle layers, just using the lady fingers standing around the edge)

8 peaches peeled, sliced and macerated with sugar (powdered ginger if you like a little spice). Prepare at least 6 hours before.

Prepare a springform pan and line sides and bottom with parchment paper (use a little pan spray to help the paper adhere).

Line the sides and bottom of the prepared pan with lady fingers, covering completely.

Drain the peaches and use the liquid to soak the bottom layer of cake

Dice the peaches, reserving several slices for the top decoration.

Spread half of the peaches on the layer of cake.

Spread half of the cream on the peaches.

Make another layer of cake, soaking with the peach liquid.

Spread the remaining peaches and the remaining cream.

Top with sliced peaches.

Use any remaining liquid with a little lemon juice to keep the sliced peaches from browning.

Chill for at least 2 hours, or overnight.

Slice and serve.