Joey Paulin Fundraiser

Despite 7 operations and dozens of trips to the hospital, a local child continues to get tremendous support from the community.  Joey Paulin is a name and face most do not forget.  Right now, Joey is in Children's Hospital's Special Care Unit due to severe seizures.  Complete strangers continue to come forward, trying to help a little boy with a non-curable disease.

A picture taken early Thursday morning shows little Joey Paulin in his hospital bed, admitted due to intense seizures.  As Joey gets older, his illness, mitochondrial disease will progress.  Earlier this week, Joey's family was having air conditioning problems at their home.  A friend called Mark Boggan, a complete stranger, to help.  "They were in great need for someone to look at their air conditioner and I went over there to look at it," Boggan said.  "And that's when I met Joey and that encounter I feel like has changed my life."

Boggan says the moment he saw Joey, he knew he had to help somehow, someway.  So, he thought of his connections through a hobby, bass fishing.  "I have never run into a more inspiring young man and I've never seen a more worthy cause for bass fishing as this day," Boggan said.

Boggan is planning the 1st Ever Joey Paulin Caring Heart Bass Tournament.  50% of the proceeds will go to the Paulin Family Medical Fund.  Boggan says it's a small way for anyone and everyone to help this little boy.

The tournament is August 29


at Lay Lake.  Launch will be at Beeswax before daylight until 3:30 p.m.  Entry Fee is $100 per boat.  For more information call 205-445-3826.