Search warrant turns up IED’s, bombs and guns

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Birmingham Police Department says a search warrant on a Birmingham man's home and storage area turned up bombs, IED's and guns.

Marlon Simmons was arrested on Monday and charged with making terroristic charges against the Birmingham Police Department. After Simmons' arrest, Birmingham police and Federal ATF agents obtained search warrants against Simmons' home and storage area.

At the residence, located at 7232 2nd Avenue North, authorities found a SKS type rifle, AR-15 rifle, 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun, hobby cord, body armor, and assorted ammunition. According to ATF Agents the shotgun was illegal due to its magazine capacity that is between 10 to 20 shotgun shells. Agents also found found hobby cord  and end caps for making pipe bombs along with literature on booby traps and IED's inside Simmons' storage area on West Oxmoor Road with the help of police bomb dogs.

The ATF intends to prosecute the suspect federally for the bombs, explosives and illegal shotgun.