Power to Save: Vestavia Hills building green library

VESTAVIA HILLS, AL (WBRC) - The library experience in Vestavia Hills will soon be greener.

FOX6 Power to Save Reporter Ronda Robinson spoke with Colin Coyne, chair of the library's board of trustees, who said construction has started on a new 36,000 foot facility.

"We're talking about using 30 percent less energy," Coyne said. "We're talking about using 30 percent less water than the typical building. A library is really where we hold our knowledge to pass on to future generations. this library should represent the same thing in terms of being stewards to the planet because that is what we are passing along to our children as well."

Many of the trees removed from the site will be used to build the library. There are also plans for a walking trail outside and a tree house reading room for children on the inside.

"It is something that incorporates environmental stewardship, social responsibility and in a public environment, financial responsibility," Coyne said.

The one unique feature Coyne is most proud of is the environmental resource section.

"To simply build a building is good but it is the programming inside the building that really sets it apart," Coyne said. "These are very much the issues of our times these are the issues that are changing things today from a very broad national level to a local level."

The project, which could cost between $11 million and $13 million, is expected to be finished next year.