New policy at Clay Elementary saves parents' money

CLAY, AL (WBRC) - A new school supply policy at one Jefferson County school hopes to give parents' wallets a break while making sure every student has the tools they need to learn.

This year, instead of having to buy a whole list of supplies, parents at Clay Elementary school only have to buy five supplies for their child's classroom.  They are also being asked to give a 30-dollar donation to the classroom teacher.  With that money, the teacher will buy standard items for all the students, such as papers, pens and glue.  They will be able to do so at a discount by buying in bulk from vendors.

Principal Sharon Gallant says she and staff thought of the idea as a result of the economy. After hearing about parents and family members of staff getting laid off, she says the school had to find a way to help.  "You have to look at ways to bridge the gaps to reach out to the community," Gallant said.

Parents say they love the idea, but not only because it saves them time and money.  "If all the children have matching supplies, there's no competition, who has the shinier notebook , the best color," says Sarah Stubbs, the parent of third grader Logan.  "And it's not so much the fact of saving money," said Cynthia Lewis Frazier, the parent of a first, second and fourth grader.  "But if I can help someone else have supplies then that's a great thing."