Cullman Co residents oppose Jeffco tax bill

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County's occupational tax bill is facing opposition from many people who work in Jefferson County, but live elsewhere.

Senator Zeb Little wanted to hear the thoughts of his constituents, so he held a public hearing about the job tax in Cullman.

Senator Little says he's not happy knowing three thousand people in Cullman County who work in Jefferson County and are paying the current occupational tax of .5 percent

Cullman residents who attended the meeting all wanted the tax to be voted down in the special session.

These taxpayers say they feel badly for the employees of Jefferson County and blame the Jefferson County government for their money woes.

The taxpayers at the meeting feel as though they shouldn't have to use their tax dollars to save another county's financial problems..

"A majority of the suppliers of labor in Jefferson County come from Cullman. This tax is taking money out of our pockets and flowing into Jefferson County," said Bob Miller.

"I don't and will not support this. I may abstain, leaning towards voting against it," said Senator (D) Zeb Little of Cullman.

State Representative Oden, of Blount and Cullman Counties, says his constituents are against the tax so he will be their voice in the special session.

Representative Oden says he'll vote against the tax bill.