Editorial: Birmingham is great

When I moved to Birmingham, almost a year ago now, I was immediately struck by the extraordinary beauty of the area...The blue- green of the mountains...the tree-lined streets and beautiful flowers. Everywhere I looked I saw easy, ready smiles and felt immediately welcome.

Our city, our region is awash in artistic talent...music, of all kinds, much of it locally bred, can be heard everywhere... in theaters, clubs and on the streets. Birmingham and the history of American music are intrinsically bound together.

I have been impressed by our community's commitment to art, education and beauty as evidenced by thriving museums like the Birmingham Museum of Art, the Civil Rights Institute and McWane Science Center...and gorgeous gardens...the Botanical Gardens and Aldridge Gardens.

I have found thousands of volunteers, involved in a myriad of service organizations working tirelessly to improve the quality of life for our citizens. Folks who believe they can make a difference...and they do.

Where ever you go in our region, you'll find great food that suits every taste and pocketbook. I have had the good fortune to have some amazing meals in cities throughout our country but none better than I have had here in Birmingham.

Yes, with all of that we can find many issues to be frustrated about...but let's leave all of that for another day.

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