Governor Riley encourages Jefferson County’s resolution to new occutax

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Governor Bob Riley visited the Senate special session on Monday to get a point across. The Governor wanted to make sure that Alabama lawmakers understood the problem in Jefferson County and that it needed to be resolved in a hurry with little to no involvement by lawmakers not associated with Jefferson County.

In an interview on Good Day Alabama on Tuesday, the Governor stated that he believed the solution to Jefferson County's occupational tax problem lies with Jefferson County lawmakers. He added that Jeffco lawmakers should be the ones to be helping their own county and be ready to pass the bill and not waste other lawmakers' time.

Riley also remarked on how he felt that the current bill is right for the county.  He says that the accountability measures in the bill and the ability for citizens to vote the bill down in 2012 makes it very fair to the people of Jefferson County.

Jefferson County Commission President Bettye Fine Collins has stated that she disagrees with the notion that a new occupational tax can help Jefferson County. She says that she wants to see an Alabama Supreme Court ruling on the occupational tax. The Governor says that the Supreme Court will eventually rule on the issue, but Jefferson County does not have the time to wait for a ruling that could come in mid-September at the earliest.