Jefferson County Commissioners and taxpayers respond to special session

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - As a special session gets underway in Montgomery in hopes of helping Jefferson County with its financial woes, some commissioners are not too confident law makers will really help.

On Monday, Commission President Bettye Fine Collins said she does not think the county's legislative delegation will come together to address the problem. She adds that if the bill were to pass, it could end up hurting the county.  "Would it be constitutional?" Collins asked.  "If some attorney thinks it isn't good, then we're back in court paying attorneys again."

Commissioner Bobby Humphreys feels the legislature is the best way to address the problem instead of waiting on a decision from the State Supreme court. He says he feels the lawmakers could actually reach a decision.  Taxpayers seem to have mixed reviews.

Waiting in line in the Jefferson County Courthouse to renew her car tags, Jefferson County citizen Sandra Wood said she does not feel the session will be successful. "I've stopped trying to predict what they'll do," said Wood, upset she had been waiting over four hours.  Curtis Parham was in line as well and agreed with Wood.   "The legislature?  Well, there's so many different people that have different issues, so right now it's topsy turvy."