Benefit concert to help fund Maytown's VFD

MAYTOWN, AL (WBRC) - The small Jefferson County city of Maytown is hoping a benefit concert will help them make enough money to fund their fire department after fire destroyed the only business that was keeping it afloat.

Early in the morning of May 28, fire consumed and then destroyed the Tri-Cities Convenience store in Maytown. It was the small city's only sales-tax generator, making it the only source of funding for the Maytown Volunteer Fire Department.

"At first, just devastated," said Maytowns mayor Ann Goolsby, also a volunteer firefighter. "And then it went from devastated to how am I gonna manage this? Because I knew it was a large chunk of our income."

Goolsby knew that morning she would have to get creative to come up with the $7000 the store used to generate that is needed to make the yearly payment on the department's new truck.

"You just go through a genre of emotions and try to figure what's best for the citizens of your town," Goolsby said.

Her solution? Bluegrass music, and specifically 2005's group of the year Cherryholmes, who will play a benefit concert in Maytown's only church building next monday August 17th.

"Powerful, aggressive music," is how Maytown Baptist Church's Pastor John Killian describes Cherryholmes. "The best of the old bluegrass combined with a fresh approach. I could say Cherryholmes baptized me as a bluegrass fan."

There are more seats in the concert venue (462) then residents in town(450 according to the last census), but the mayor is hoping to sell another 100 or so tickets to make the concert a sellout, and a fire-department-saving success while they wait for the gas station to be rebuilt next spring.

"We've sold tickets as far away as Jacksonville, FL and Mississippi. We would like to sell more tickets. Everytime this group comes to Birmingham they sell out."

To purchase the $22 dollar tickets, go to <> or call (205) 965-8877.