Tax Free Weekend

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - States across the nation are giving shoppers a little incentive to spend money.  This weekend, states across the nation are exempting their sales tax for shoppers, as an incentive to back to school shoppers to spend money.

Alabama is one of eight states participating in this weekend's tax free shopping session.  Other states include: Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

UAB Business Professor Dr. Bob Robicheaux joined us during Good Day Alabama Friday, saying the weekend is a great time for shoppers to get some great bargains and get them thinking about shopping in advance for back to school.  "The retailers have merchandised the stores to where they will have a lot of good values... we'll probably see an increase in sales August over July, but won't match last year."

Robicheaux says since Jefferson County decided to not participate in the tax free weekend due to their financial crisis, he believes they'll be disappointed they didn't partake in the end.  "I don't think we'll see a mass exodus from Jefferson County, but I think Jefferson County will be disappointed that at this time in our economy they're not enjoying the same benefits others are."

Shoppers who make purchases this weekend in qualifying counties/cities will be able to save their sales tax on clothing, school supplies, and books (certain restrictions apply), among other categories.

For a full list of participating cities and counties, and a list of products eligible for the tax free weekend, visit this link.