Angel Food Ministries is Helping Families Save on Groceries

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Angel Food Ministries is helping families save big on their food costs, cutting their grocery bill in half.  Angel Food Ministries is a non-profit organization started by a pastor and his wife in Georgia.

North Highlands Baptist Church in Hueytown is partnering with the organization.  The program offers different options. The most popular is the signature box, which includes meat, like steak and chicken, vegetables, dairy products and desserts.

It feeds a family of four, for a week or a single person for a month for 30 dollars! There are also other food options, like pre-cooked meals. This is the same food you find in a grocery store, it's just bought in bulk so you pay less for it.

Gwinda Robinson, wife and  mother of four,  says her family's food costs were cut in half. "It's something to help people not only in bad economic times but also before the economy got bad. It's something to really help families," said Gwinda Robinson.

There are no qualifications. It's for anyone who just  wants to save money.  You simply get an order form, check off what you want, pay your money and pick up your food.

For more information you can call 205-491-9269.