Tax assessor wins court battle against county

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County Tax Assessor Dan Weinrib won his court battle Wednesday against the Jefferson County Commission.

A judge Wednesday afternoon ordered the county commission to restore the funding it cut last week from Weinrib's office.

Weinrib had sued the commission, saying his office is funded by property tax funds, not the illegal occupational tax funds, and that cuts to his office would be a "detriment" for bringing revenue into the county.

"The collector depends on us for correct billings," Weinrib said Wednesday. "If we can't deliver that in a timely matter, it will imperil tax collections."

The lawsuit was filed after the county commission voted to place nearly 67 percent of the county's work force on administrative leave without pay as part of the county commission's efforts to balance its budget without the occupational tax. That tax was ruled illegal by a judge earlier this year.