Need for school uniforms exceeds expectations

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - After watching a line of parents wind around the building that houses the Birmingham Department of Youth Services, Department Director Cedric Sparks admits even he was surprised by the need for free school uniforms.

"I think to say it was overwhelming is probably an understatement," said Sparks. "We had folks that showed up as early as 2:30 in the morning."

One-thousand early birds walked away with vouchers for free uniforms. Those who arrived by lunchtime like Angelica Wright left dissapointed.

"A real big need to be honest with you 'cause he's just now starting school and he needs any all 'cause he doesn't have any uniforms or supplies," Wright sobbed about her grandson outside the Youth Services Building.

Sparks says they're contacting area charitable groups to come up with an additional 2000 school uniforms for kids who couldn't get them Wednesday. Those people can contact the Birmingham Department of Youth Services about getting additional help with uniforms.

He added next year they hope to outfit 5,000 kids with school uniforms.

The Birmingham Division of Youth Services can be contacted by calling (205) 320-0879 or by visiting