Power To Save: Winnebago Hybrid

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - If you've never seen a 36-foot Winnebago hybrid, don't worry -- not many people have.

Power to Save reporter Ronda Robinson found a model that comes with a few extras like bunk beds and flat screen televisions. So far, it generates a lot of attention.

Brad Herzog and his family were chosen by the recreation vehicle industry association to serve as the "Explore America" family. They are taking it on a two-month trip to 12 states as they test an-eco friendly house on wheels.

"When they see the word hybrid on the side they want to know what does that mean exactly and then they want to know how it works and then they think its pretty cool," Herzog said. "It an RV that's really the first of its kind.

It is designed so that a driver can switch from a front diesel engine to an electric motor that is powered by a battery.

"There's a big battery on the side of the RV that is a lithium battery, the same kind of battery used in cell phones," Herzog said.

According to Herzog, the final results from this test trip may take some time to review.

"They found a 14-16 percent savings and as much as 30 percent in stop and go traffic but they are still testing," Herzog said.

Herzog said he can already tell a positive difference, not just in his pocket and at the pump, but in many other ways.

"You're saving on fuel mileage by doing that, and also saving on gas emissions which is good for the environment."