Support for National Night Out

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - People across the country took a stand against crime Tuesday night by taking part in National Night Out.

The purpose was to bring communities together and raise awareness about crime and drug prevention. Events were held in Birmingham, Homewood, Tuscaloosa, Center Point, among other cities.

In Center Point, residents had the chance to meet area law enforcement officers.

"This way people that don't know officers, they get to meet them, talk with them," said organizer Gail Robbins, "Their questions will get answered."

In Tuscaloosa, residents got up close and personal with police cars.

"This is a great way for kids to meet the police officers," said Captain Greg Kosloff, "We're the good guys, we're not the bad guys, we're your friends."

In Homewood and Alabaster, people enjoyed free food, games for kids and information on forming neighborhood watch groups.

Many people said they think a combination of a united neighborhood and help from police can go a long way in fighting crime.

An estimated 37 million people participated in National Night Out events across the country.