Sheriff Hale asks Riley for national guard

Sheriff Mike Hale (WBRC video)
Sheriff Mike Hale (WBRC video)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale asked Gov. Bob Riley for help if he has to layoff deputies due to the county's budget crisis.

Lt. Randy Christian, spokesman for Hale, said in a news conference Tuesday afternoon Hale and the governor spoke by phone where Hale asked Riley to provide members of the national guard to be available to be sworn in as deputies if the county's budget crisis is not resolved by early September.

Christian said Riley told Hale to keep his apprised of the situation and that Riley and Hale would talk again on Wednesday.

Earlier Tuesday, a judge lifted an injunction against the county commission, allowing commissioners to cut more than $4 million from the sheriff's budget as part of its efforts to balance the county's budget without money from the county's occupational tax.

State lawmakers were meeting Tuesday to work on a new tax plan. Gov. Bob Riley said Monday he would call a special session of the state legislature as early as next week if the Jefferson County lawmakers reached a consensus on a tax bill.