Mom upset at handicapped son's tasering

MOBILE, AL (WBRC) - A South Alabama mom is demanding answers on why cops tasered her deaf and mentally handicapped son. Mobile police are now giving their side of the story.

Last week, police were trying to get Antonio Love out of a locked bathroom at a Dollar General Store. Officers used pepper spray and a tire iron as they tried to pry the door open.

Love carries a card saying he is deaf and mentally handicapped  and he says he thought the red spray was the devil trying to get him, so he fought back.

Police say when Antonio came out of the bathroom, he had an umbrella and officers considered him enough of a threat to tase him.

Phyllis Love, who was with her son at the store, says she just does not buy the police explanation.

Mobile police say they are doing an internal investigation to try and get to the bottom of things.