No deal between sheriff and commission

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - There is still no deal in the budget battle between Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale  and the county commission.

The commission wanted to cut Hale's budget by $4.1 million this week, but Jefferson County Circuit Judge Joseph Boohaker stopped them Wednesday and ordered continued negotiations.

The latest sticking point is the sheriff's ex-officio funds, which are dollars from the sheriff's pistol permits, other permits and grants. The two sides are in disagreement over how much money is in the funds. The county contends there is $2.7 million, while attorneys for the sheriff say it's closer to $1.3 million.

Hale sued the county commission trying to keep as many deputies on the highway as possible. Thursday, Hale's attorney Rob Riley asked Alabama Congressman Spencer Bachus' office to get someone from the U.S. Justice Department to allow them to use federal grants for keeping deputies on patrol.

Jefferson County Commissioners are hopeful a deal can be struck soon.

"The good thing is we are talking" said Jefferson County Commissioner William Bell. "Even if we we are talking through attorneys. We have conversations going on. Hopefully we will come together to face the challenge."

Both sides are scheduled to have another meeting with Judge Boohaker on Monday.