Editorial: Domed Stadium

Last week we saw the groundbreaking for the domed stadium. Well, actual construction may be 1 to 2 years away. How, long have we been talking about this...a decade or more? So...will it actually become a reality?

Certainly, we should support and be excited about any opportunity that will bring new revenue and interest to Birmingham, and the Dome could provide a beautiful, state-of -the-art facility for all of that. However, questions remain...

For example...the stadium would be a logical venue for the Magic City Classic. This event is growing every year, but with a projected capacity of about 60 thousand seats, the Dome could be on the cusp of not being able to accommodate those fans. And, given the size of the venue, what kind of events, besides soccer, can be booked to fill the 60 thousand seats the rest of the year?

When the idea of stadium was initially conceived, times were much better. If this project comes to fruition, we had better be sure we have the plan in place to make it work!

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