Rodger Smitherman upbeat over new occupational tax

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Alabama State Senator Rodger Smitherman says he is feeling encouraged about the idea of a new occupational tax.

In an interview on Good Day Alabama, Smitherman says that Jefferson County lawmakers appear to be willing to compromise to get a bill ready for legislation. He adds that the lawmakers are cooperating to create a bill that can make it through the House and says they are much closer to a special session of the legislature to pass the bill.

Currently, there are two possible bills that lawmakers are proposing. Both bills now include professionals as taxable, but one bill will phase out completely and the other will come up for a vote by citizens.

If the new tax is passed, Smitherman says Jefferson County will have some leverage for gap funding and should begin to recover from the crisis.

Smitherman says that he is disappointed that the bill did not move faster.