Center Point to get a new Food Giant grocery store

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Center Point city officials and residents are anxiously awaiting the opening of a new grocery store in the city. 
A Food Giant grocery store will be moving into the location on Center Point Parkway that was previously occupied by Bruno's. 
Center Point Mayor Tom Henderson said the city was able to fill the spot quickly because they entered a sales tax revenue sharing agreement with the owner of the shopping center.

The owner will get part of the money generated, and in turn, give Food Giant a reduced rental rate. 
"We were very excited especially when they came to us and told us they wanted to move in," Mayor Henderson said. "We needed a replacement for Bruno's. That will be a big boost to the economy."
Shoppers say this will provide them with another option for groceries, and they hope it will bring a boost to other nearby businesses. 
"I'm really excited about the new store, and I can't wait to check it out," said shopper Janet Middleton.
Mayor Henderson said the new store will bring extra sales tax dollars to the city, which is welcomed during the current economy. 
The store is expected to open September 1.