Expect long lines to renew tags and licenses in Jeffco

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Satellite courthouses in Jefferson County will be closed after Friday.
The county's finance director Travis Hulsey says there will not be enough staff to run those offices because of the expected layoffs.
Folks will have to use the main courthouses in Bessemer and in downtown Birmingham to renew tags and driver licenses. People should expect long lines and longer waits.
The county's finance director says the money freed up from the closings still may not be enough to keep making payroll.
"Even with  the massive layoffs, two-thirds of personnel, it's going to be very close to make that pay period on August 21st,"  said Hulsey. "The situation is very dire."
Hulsey says unless the legislature allows the county to use occupational tax money by August first the closings are eminent