No financial solution yet from Jeffco lawmakers

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County lawmakers say they will not yet have a solution to Jefferson County's financial crisis after Monday's meeting.

The lawmakers say they will need more time to reach consensus on the finer points of the bill. The sticking points between lawmakers are the inclusion of professionals like doctors and lawyers, and whether the bill will phase itself out.

State Representative John Rogers says he is working on a bill that will include professionals and will come up for a county-wide vote in 2012. If it is not renewed, Rogers' plan will include a 5-year phase out.

Lawmakers are planning to meet again next week and say they could be ready for a special legislative session by August 10th.

More than a half dozen people greeted the lawmakers on their entrance to the meeting.  These people plead for them to save jobs and services by getting the new tax passed.