FOX6 News Saturday Morning for July 25, 2009

Healthy Brain Development

Featured from Grayson & Associates' Homewood office.

  • 0 to 3 is a crucial period for brain development
  • Exposure to language is particularly important
  • Studies have found very significant differences between middle- and lower-income families in terms of:
  • Number of words child has heard by age 3
  • Hours of book reading child has experienced by age 3
  • Number of encouragements child has heard by age 3
  • Birmingham Baby College is a community service organization created to help bridge this gap

Gameday Fashions/Summer Lingerie

Featured by Victoria's Secret "The Pink Store" in the Riverchase Galleria (205-444-9209, or

The PINK Collegiate Collection features Alabama and Auburn college branded merchandise.  Check out the Hoover store for the following products:

Boyfriend Pant- $44.50
Signature Fleece- $44.50
Foldover Yoga- $34.50
Pullover Hoodie- $54.50
Full Zip Signature Hoodie- $58.50
Tees- $26.50-$32.50
V-Neck- $32.50
Mesh Football Jersey- $42.50
Ruffle Dress- $48.50
Striped Tank- $22.50
Floral Short- $22.50
Flip Flops- $26.50

Pets of the Week

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society joins us with a look at this week's pets of the week.  For more information, give them a call at 205-942-1211, or visit

Weekend Cooking: Prime Rib/Shrimp

The Bright Star Restaurant joins us with a look at how to make prime rib and greek style shrimp.