Judges, sheriff and district attorney to meet Monday

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Judges, the sheriff and district attorney of Jefferson County will meet Monday to discuss the county's financial crisis.

FOX6 News learned Friday afternoon all of the county's circuit judges, Sheriff Mike Hale, and District Attorney Brandon Falls will meet at noon Monday in Judge Scott Vowell's courtroom to discuss the county's financial problems.

The county commission this week said there may not be enough money to make payroll in two weeks, which could force many county agencies to cut back on services in the courthouses.

The county commission is preparing to cut spending as much as 67 percent in some departments to offset the loss of the county's occupational tax which a judge ruled earlier this year unconstitutional.

Commissioners are asking the state legislature for help in passing a new occupational tax, but lawmakers from Jefferson County have yet to agree on how to structure the new tax and who should pay it.

The lawmakers are also scheduled to meet Monday in a seperate meeting.  Gov. Bob Riley has said if the lawmakers reach an agreement, then he will call a special session to get the new tax passed.