Pelham sells it all, including the kitchen sink

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC - Pelham was a bargain hunters paradise Thursday, as the city sold and auctioned property to raise money for its general fund. It's a concept many area cities are starting to use to help raise money during tough times.
    Pelham Mayor Don Murphy said its a logical idea that can help the city.
    "We have a lot of surplus vehicles furniture that we needed to move," says Murphy. "And the best way to move it, is to sell it."
    The city put 11 vehicles on the auction block.
     Residents could buy furniture, computer monitors, printers, and even a kitchen sink. J.L. Miller said, it was a great opportunity to get good deals on computers for her daycare center.
    "It's very reasonable, they are selling computers for five dollars for the tower, five dollars for the monitor, and one dollar for the keyboard," said Miller. "So, for less than twelve dollars, I can stock up and all my children can learn to use the computer."
    Mayor Murphy says based on the turnout and response, the city could host another similar event in the future.