Forestdale citizens consider fighting Adamsdale tax

FORESTDALE, AL (WBRC) - At a meeting, Forestdale business owners discussed pursuing possible legal action for a tax controversy over sales taxes imposed by nearby City of Adamsville.

Forestdale business owners say they got a letter from the City of Adamsville stating effective July 1st, there would be a 1.75 percent sales tax increase on all businesses within Adamsville's police jurisdiction, which includes Forestdale.  Folks say the tax is not fair and they want to fight it.

In a city newsletter, Council Woman Tammy Abston addressed the matter saying collecting in a police jurisdiction is legal in Alabama. Numerous cities already collect taxes in their police jurisdiction.

Forestdale business owners say, although they are in Adamsville police jurisdiction, Adamsville police and fire departments do not cover Forestdale. Folks talked about taking up donations from Forestdale citizens and businesses to cover legal expenses, if they do decide to file a lawsuit against Adamsville.