Job Tax Fallout

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Seven Jefferson County lawmakers say they are being stonewalled by the county commission. They are demanding a delay to a Monday meeting which was supposed to settle on one occupational tax to push in an upcoming special session of the state legislature.

"Before we can make a reasoned decision or informed decision you need access to some of the information." says Birmingham Senator Steve French.

The request comes as up to 2,000 Jefferson County employees could be placed on administrative leave without pay by August first.  "It's going to hurt. I got a wife, two kids and a third child to be born here in the next month, and I've got a loan with Jefferson County on a truck." says John Burgett, a Jefferson County employees in roads and transportation.

French sent a letter on behalf  of six other lawmakers asking Birmingham Senator Rodger Smitherman to postpone the meeting for five business days in order to study the information provided by the county.

County officials tell FOX6 News, financial data was given to Smitherman's office weeks ago. Commission President Bettye Fine Collins says the lawmakers need to act. "The thing they ought to get is they look at August one and all of the these administrative leaves people are going to have to take, to see that money is vital to our operation." says Collins.

French says the information is critical before any new job tax is approved. Jefferson County employees are just hoping for a solution soon." We got a lot of people's jobs depending on this. They need to hurry and do something." says Burgett.