Jim Carns discusses Jefferson County issues

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County Commissioner Jim Carns says there is always something going on.

In an interview on Good Day Alabama, Carns remarked how the financial situation in Jefferson County has gotten steadily worse. "Two or three weeks ago, everything went in a bad direction," stated Carns. "Last year it was the sewer debacle and this year the occupational tax is front and center."

Carns says that he hopes the Alabama Supreme Court can help the County. He is hoping that the Supreme Court can reinstate the tax and adds that the last ruling "hurt the most".

On Tuesday, Commissioner Shelia Smoot remarked that the thinks that the new Jefferson County will be run on a smaller scale, like the government in Gardendale. Carns agrees, but thinks people do not seem to understand that Jefferson County is the "economic engine" of Alabama.