Morning news update

Two-thousand Jeffco workers could be placed on administrative leave

Instead of firing 200 workers, some two thousand Jefferson County workers may be put on administrative leave without pay for six weeks. This will affect 67 percent of the county's three thousand workers. This is not good news for employees and not good news for people who rely on county services. It is something county commissioners say has to be done. On Tuesday, the county commission rejected firing some 200 workers. Instead, the commission favored putting 67-percent of county workers on administrative leave for six-weeks beginning August first. The county is also dealing with growing tension between state lawmakers and the Jefferson County Commission. Lawmakers are scheduled to meet next week to hammer out a deal on a plan to reinstate the county's occupational tax. State Senator Jabo Waggoner tells FOX6 News that he and other lawmakers are still waiting on budget numbers from the county commission. Waggoner says he told Commission President Bettye Fine Collins to have them to lawmakers by this morning so they have time to study them before next week's meeting. Jefferson County Commissioners say the county will still operate, but on a much smaller scale. The county employees who are put on administrative leave will still be able to keep their health insurance and the county will still cover the majority of their premiums. They are also eligible to file for unemployment benefits or get other jobs while on leave.

Vote for 2010 budget delayed again

A vote for the 2010 budget is delayed by the Birmingham City Council again. At Tuesday's meeting, councilors voted to officially request a state audit of the city's finances. In question is 26-million dollars the mayor says is excess revenue from last year. Councilors say they want to find out exactly how much money the city has.

Groundbreaking held for domed stadium

Despite not having an official budget, Birmingham is moving forward with plans to build a domed stadium. City and state leaders broke ground on the site of a 530 million dollar project Tuesday. Last week, the city council voted to pay eight-million dollars to begin design work. Construction for the 530 million dollar project will begin in one to two years.

Langford looks to delay corruption trial

Mayor Larry Langford's defense attorneys are seeking to delay his public corruption trial until November. The trial is set to begin August 31st. Langford is named in a 101-count indictment, alleging conspiracy, bribery, fraud and filing false tax returns. Investment banker Bill Blount and lobbyist Al Lapierre, are also named in the indictment.

Bessemer Mayor to veto bingo ordinance

Bessemer Mayor Ed May says he will veto an ordinance allowing electronic bingo in the city. On Tuesday, the city council passed it by a vote of five to two. In order for businesses to get licensed, they must have at least 500 machines and be at least two-thousand feet from a school, daycare or church.