Fire victims looking for help after smoke damages their homes

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Two days after a fire burned 22 units at the Sandpiper Apartments in Birmingham, residents say they don't have anywhere to stay, and aren't getting any help from management.

Management says they're working on it, but the war of words is heating up.

The displaced residents spent the last two nights in hotels courtesy of the American Red Cross, but after returning to their damaged apartments they say nothing has been cleaned up or fixed.

Many of the victims say they don't have renters insurance, and don't know where to turn for help.

Sandpiper Management released a statement saying, "We are currently working with the Red Cross to help families displaced by the fire. A shelter is being organized for all people who don't have family they can stay with...tenants are asked to be patient."

Chris Osborne at the American Red Cross says volunteers were at the apartment complex the night of the fire, but they can only help with victims' immediate needs.

"This is something we do each and every time there is a fire," Osborne says. "We are called out, our volunteers assess what people need at that moment, and that includes shelter, food, and clothing."

Osborne says if victims have additional questions, they can call the Red Cross at 205-458-8282.