Morning news update

Birmingham City Council argues with mayor over money

It is a race against time for the Birmingham City Council. Today they will consider a 4th proposed budget for 2010.  The new proposal includes placing 26 million dollars in a fund balance until the audit is complete. The reason for the fund balance is that the City Council and Mayor Larry Langford have been arguing over that amount of money. Langford says that there is 26 million dollars left over from last year. Some city councilors disagree. Both sides have asked for an auditor. The one thing that the city council has decided on is funding for a domed stadium. The city is still operating under the 2009 budget. The city council plans to meet today.  Another item on the agenda for the city council, will be a plan to improve the city's transit system. Mayor Larry Langford says the city can get 4-million dollars a year in transit funding through online ticket agencies. On Monday, Langford said booking agencies are not paying the city revenue it deserves. His solution involves partnering with, a local company. Under his plan, the company would pay the city five dollars per ticket booked on its site.

Domed Stadium groundbreaking set for today

Birmingham city leaders will break ground on the domed stadium project today. BJCC leaders call today's event a "symbolic" groundbreaking. The ceremony begins at five o'clock and will take place at the dome site near the BJCC. The price tag for the stadium is estimated at 630-million dollars.

Bessemer City Council may vote on bingo ordinance

The Bessemer City Council could vote on an electronic bingo ordinance. Many who support the idea say it would bring in thousands of dollars in revenue. Bessemer Mayor Ed May says it would result in addictions, domestic violence and even a loss of sales tax in the city.

Leeds gets road for new school

Students at Leeds High School will now have a safe way to get their school next month. About four-weeks ago, the entrance to the newly built school was nothing but dirt. The Mayor of Leeds expressed his frustrations, saying work on road to the school was delayed because the Public Education Building Authority would not release money for the project. The board has since released 1 million dollars to the city and crews are nearly done with the road. The attorney for the board tells FOX6 that legal matters held up the release of the funds. The mayor is relieved the issue was resolved. The road will be complete in a week and then crews will work on landscaping.